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Adult Rehabilitation Therapies (ART) is a unique, owner-operated private practice. We are focused on positive outcomes for our clients that will give them the ability to return to those activities that are important to them...




Whether our clients wish to plant a garden or just walk in the garden… run a marathon or walk with a grandchild… climb a mountain or climb the stairs, each goal is of equal importance… each client deserves our personal service.


To accomplish these individualized goals for our clients, we depend on employees who share our philosophy and culture, which we are reminded of daily with three words:


Opportunity  •   Integrity   •   Vision


Just as we want each of our clients to have the opportunity to maximize their potential, we seek the same for our employees by providing the opportunity for them to work on a day-to-day basis with the owner of our company. Our employees are given the opportunity to continually update their skills through liberal, company-funded tuition.


Integrity in all we do insures that each of our therapists is provided the appropriate equipment, working environment and workload to insure that our clients have the greatest opportunity to achieve their goals.


Vision ... We pride ourselves in our ability to get to know our clients well so that we are able to understand the most effective way to enable them to take an active part in the treatment and follow-up process and the achievement of their vision. We encourage our staff to be an integral part of our company's operation, growth and planning processes so that our vision for the future is molded by all the members of the team.




Senior Housing Based Clinics

In 2000, ART started a unique outpatient practice. The focus was to provide physical therapy to clients who resided in senior housing communities. Eventually we began to establish small clinics in these communities. The clinics contained most of the equipment one would expect to see in conventional outpatient settings.


Today we have three senior housing clinics that serve not only the clients residing in the communities but we also treat clients who come to our clinics from the surrounding community. We will be adding additional clinics. We offer a variety of specialty therapy programs to treat senior issues:


Balance Disorders


Rheumatoid Arthritis


Back and Neck Pain

Neurological Disorders

Orthopedic (Pre- and Post-surgery)




Our focus and purpose is to improve your ability to

return to the ACTIVITIES that are important to you.